Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remember The World Awaits You

Young man, don’t be sad and lonely
For the failures and mistakes that came your way.
Welcome it whole heartedly
For it can teach you to become a man of excellence.

Don’t be discourage if the world is against you
Move on, move on and move on!
Prove to the world that you are man
That cannot be easily swayed by the will of others.

Always remember to think positively
Have faith and believe in yourself.
For that’s the precious gift given by your loving Creator,
That can bring you safe from wondering in the valley of confusions.

Young man, listen now to my counsel,
To make your dreams come true
Learn to discipline yourself
Love and appreciate your being
Learn the value of time
Never dwell your mind in idleness and laziness
Use your time wisely for the innovation of your being and for helping the lowly ones.

Always motivate your mind
To never allow time to pass by without reading good books.
Books are the hidden treasure,
That can motivate your intellect to think and grow rich!

Remember if you have a dream
Hold on to your dream
If your dream’s die
You’re like a wounded bird without a wing!

So hold on, hold on, and hold on
Never and never give up!
You can if you think you can!
Remember that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Finally, remember the world awaits you
He needs a young man like you.
For you have power and many gifts
That can help to make a change and improvement to the lives of the needy.

Wish you many blessings to come and God bless!

MOises P. Reconalla

All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright 2007 by Moises Padin Reconalla

Poem Source: Reconalla, Moises. 2007 Remember The World Awaits You. EzineArticles (June, 22), (accessed July 25, 2007)