Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look At Yourself Before Looking To Others

Look at yourself before looking to others. For this is your secret power to determine and discover who you are. Gift you can use to decipher the hidden talents, skills and abilities of your being. Never and never waste it for idleness and laziness.

The world has no place for the people, who cannot help themselves. The world belongs only to those individuals, who are keeping on watching and keeping on improving their being.

There are no enough places to the person who are timid and afraid to take a risk. So beginning today, look at yourself before looking to others. For that is your special gift given by thy Loving Creator. Try now to think the innovation of your being, while still you have time to think of yourself.

Never and never attempt to compare yourself unto others. Compare only yourself to your past self. So you can be able to appreciate the uniqueness of your being, that can lead you to become a mature and productive individual.

As you travel in the game of life, always expect that there are obstacles and trials that awaiting for you. Never be discourage nor be afraid and dismay. For thy Loving God will be your guide, your strength, your light, your comforter, and shelter in time of storm.

Never be afraid of failures and mistakes. For the diamond cannot be polish without friction, nor man be perfected without trials. Henceforth, welcome the failures and mistakes whole heartedly with an open-mind. For it can refine and teach you to become a man of excellence and valor.

Motivate your mind always in the importance of knowledge and wisdom. Never and never allow time to pass by without reading good books. As much as possible use your time in reading. For time come, the knowledge you absorbed will be your only shelter in time of famine.

Therefore, look at yourself before looking to others. Never ever forget to appreciate yourself and give thanks to thy Creator. Like you, He needs to be appreciated, too! Make a thankful heart and prayer as your habits. Always look at yourself before looking to others!

Wish you many blessings to come and God bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright 2007 by Moises Padin Reconalla

Poem Source: Reconalla, Moises. (2007, April 07). Look At Yourself Before Looking To Others. EzineArticles. Retrieved September 18, 2007, from http://ezinearticles.com/?Look-At-Yourself-Before-Looking-To-Others&id=518166