Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Using Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations is a proven technique that works miracles in many lives. Ideally, you should look yourself in the eye as you make these positive affirmations. Don't be shy; go ahead and get started! Repeat the following statements to yourself every Monday morning to get your day and week off to a great start: I clearly understand that failure is an event, not a person; that yesterday really did end last night; and that success isn't final and failure isn't fatal because I only fail if I quit. I have the courage to admit a mistake and to say that I was wrong. I have vision in my life, which means that I see not only with my eyes but also with my heart. I have 525,600 minutes in every year of my life, and I utilize them well to maximize my ability. I am successful because I believe that to be truly educated, I must be mentored--either in business or in my personal life, by reading or by association--by superior minds with greater skills and mature spirits. I discipline myself to do the things that I need to do when I need to do them, because I know that doing them will enable me someday to do the things I want to do when I want to do them. I clearly understand that if I develop yearning power and apply learning power, I will increase my earning power. I am successful because I don't confuse activity with accomplishment. I know that I can't make it in life as a wandering generality, so I am a meaningful specific. I am successful in all areas of my life because I have a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself. I am like an eraser. I recognize my mistakes, I learn from my mistakes, and then I erase those mistakes from my memory. I move forward in my life every day, even if it's only a tiny step, because I know that great things are accomplished with tiny moves, but nothing is accomplished by standing still. . . . Adapted from SUCCESS FOR DUMMIES by Zig Ziglar.