Sunday, April 07, 2013

I acknowledge that my time is finite and irreplaceable, and
I state that it is mine to use to my own betterment.

I alone own my choices and actions.

I accept responsibility for my failures, and claim credit for my

I have worked for and earned both.
By improving my own life, by pursuing my goals, and by acknowledging that I have the right to dream big dreams and aspire to something better than my existence as it is right now, I work to become a better person. By my simple act of doing what matters to me and creating what I value, people who matter to me will benefit from my existence. I am most valuable to those I care about when I live the life I choose.

I choose to offer my abilities and efforts only to those people who matter to me and who appreciate me.

I refuse the blackmail of guilt and pressure from those who do not.

I choose to give value for value in my relationships and dealings with other people, to deal honestly and through free will---and never to attempt to acquire what I want by
force, deception, or manipulation.

I choose to earn my life daily through my own efforts.

I choose to expend my effort in a manner I find meaningful
and important.

I choose to make my life matter to me.