Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Dream To Become A Great Man

By: Moses P. Reconalla, MAT, MAEd - Guidance & Counseling
      Guidance Counselor/General Education Lecturer

I was born as a poor boy and grew up in the street without the care, guidance and supervision of my beloved parents. I have experienced an empty stomach, being almost naked, existing without permanent shelter and without proper education.

As a young man, with deprived and some sad experiences of life, I started to think of innovation and dream for my future. I dream to become famous, I dream to become a great man!

Yes, I to dream to become a great man, a great man with power and authority; a great man like Abraham Lincoln, Brian Tracy, Benjamin Franklin, Dave Higgins, John Maxwell, Manuel Quezon, Martin Luther King Jr., Og Mandino, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Yes, I dream to become a great man because I want to have a change and improvement, a change and improvement to my beloved country, a change and improvement to the lives of the needy.

I thought to become a great man was to have power and authority, power and authority over the lives of the people, power and authority to become their lord and master.

But now I realize that to become a great man, it is not to become the lord of their lives, instead the lord of good example.

I also realized that to become a great man it is not to become the master of their lives, instead a master of change in helping to improve their way of living.

Now, with these precious thoughts that are still fresh in my mind, I am thankful to my beloved Creator for helping me to realize this.

Another thing is that to become a great man, is to change and improve first myself. Not be a self-centered, lord and master to others, instead a lord and master of my own self.

I realize that by changing my own self, I can gradually change my own destiny. I realize that by changing my own self, I can gradually brighten up my future.

Lo! Today I will live as if it is my last. I will improve my character, my skills, my talents and myself. I will serve and help others with love and care and I will become great!

Yes, I will become a great man if I will think about the good of others before myself. For only in serving, helping, loving, and sharing the blessings from Above, I can finally win the hearts, favors and support from my beloved human being. And my name will be hailed forever in the pyramid and pages of history!

--- Copyright © 2007 Moses P. Reconalla

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