Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You Can if You Think You Can!

When I am in the deepest valley of problems, trials, sadness, and inferiorities, I’ll always recall these words again and again to myself, when you are at your weakest, God is in His greatest. So don’t worry, be happy!

You can if you think you can!

It’s really true that in this world there are always a problems and failures that would always accompany a human being as long as he lives. Sometimes it can lead us to sink and loss our hopes to move on and to reach for the stars of our dreams.

As young man, I learned through my life experiences that life without trials is vanity! It cannot help you to become strong and to become a man of excellence. Only in time of trials and hardships that a man will be known in the pages of history if he is really a man of power, a man of courage or a man of talking and retreat.

This is the reason why I’ll always promise to myself that I will not allow any inferiorities and weaknesses to overcome me. Instead, I’ll take it as a challenge and stepping-stone in conquering and shooting for the stars of my dreams. I always believed that our loving and merciful God has a special plan and purpose to each one of us. Sometimes He allows the enduring trials and hardships to enable us to be sharpened like iron and polished to be pure gold.

Dear readers, if you encounter such tough hardships, failures, problems and odds, your philosophy in life should be…Never, never give up! Or the burden will sink you; Providence kindly mingled the cup in all trials and troubles that challenge you. The watchword of your life must be Never, never give up! Dare Mighty Things! Hold On to your Dreams! Try and try until you succeed!

People if you have tried to met with failure; if you have planned and watched your plans as they were crushed before your eyes; just remember that the greatest men in all history were the products of courage, and courage, you know, is born in the cradle of adversity.

That is why I would like to encourage you to read as well as think of this carefully…

If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you’d like to win but think you can’t, it’s almost certain you won’t. Life’s battles don’t always to the stronger or faster man, But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

Paramahan Yogananda reminds you “…not take life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you for in reality they nothing worthy but dream experiences.”

She adds, “If circumstances are bad and you have to bear them, do not make them part of you. Play your part in life, but never forget that it is only a role!”

Dr. Peale elaborates and convinced you dear readers, to know yourself. Control your mind. Think. Make right decisions. Never accept defeat. Believe in yourself. Mentally accept your great future. Never think of failing. Believe that YOU CAN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN!

Finally, I believe this is one of the best formula and solutions to overcome all the chaos in life…

God said build a better world. "I asked, how? The world is such a big place, cold and complicated, I'm too young. There's little I can do." But God in all His wisdom said: JUST BUILD A BETTER YOU."

Before I end with my article, I would like to remind you people. As you sail through life, don’t avoid rough waters! Sail on… because calm seas; never make you a skillful sailor! Be strong always! Because God will be your anchor!

Again, You Can If You Think You Can! Do your best and God will do the rest!

Always remember…that the Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

Wish you many blessings to come and God Bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

About the Author:

Moises P. Reconalla is the School Guidance Counselor, College Instructor and Working Students Supervisor at North Davao College, Panabo City, Philippines.

He has taught several courses at the college including: Guidance and Counseling, General Psychology, Philippine History: Roots and Development, General Anthropology and Sociology, and Dr. Jose Rizal: Life, Works & Writings.

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